Fifty Shades of Faith


On this page, you will be able to find a collaboration of different videos that were taken during Taylor's journey. Some include an inside look as an inpatient in the children's hospital, another includes her testimony and walk with Christ, and there's also a bunch of pictures pieced together for an exceptional visual. I hope you enjoy!

a MUST watch! Taylor's full hospital vlog that she recorded during her summer admission @ The University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital

A picture slideshow put to some of Taylor's favorite Christian songs! It's full of the many memorable pictures Taylor has taken along her journey, as well as some funny videos. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show

another MUST watch! Taylor's "full" testimony video! Although it doesn't have the most recent details of her journey, it's still a good watch

Watch Taylor continue to do what she does best, and share the Gospel with other people! In this video, she is giving her testimony to a youth group in Knoxville

Here's another good video! Watch a collaboration of Taylor's therapy sessions, as well as the smiles that show up on her face!

One of the songs, and therapist, that kept Taylor smiling in the hospital! This video is being recorded during one of her music therapy sessions and they are singing Overcomer by Mandisa!

One of the coolest things that happened to Taylor while in the hospital! (Minus when the Iowa sports teams came to visit) 

Happy 17th Birthday Taylor! The UISFCH Level 9 Nurses surprised Taylor on her way back from an MRI imaging test!

Here's a pretty hilarious video of Taylor while she was just a "tad bit" medicated. If you can't tell after watching, this video is Taylor with one of her favorite nurses, Kaleigh, and she is struggling to draw a spiral because "she can't see."

Here's another video with some of the people who always kept Taylor smiling in the hospital! During this time, Taylor was working on a canvas painting with Child Life, while also listening to Music Therapy sing her favorite song, The Maker by Christ August.

Another funny video of "medicated" Taylor. During this one, Taylor is bound determined to get her back cracked. She was having some pretty bad back pain, but no matter what her doctor tried, they couldn't get it!